Friday, July 18, 2008

Where the Magic Happens!

I had a thought while working on one of my button bracelets; I bet that it would be interesting to others to see what my "work space" looks like! I could be completely wrong, but I'm showing it to you anyways. :) It is top-notch & highly professional! It is comprised of 1 highly used sofa, 1 cheaply made end table, & 1 small living room! At least there is also a television to keep me company while working!

All my basics are sitting on my table. There are multiple buttons, a soldering iron, solder, a wood block to solder on, tinned copper wire, sterling silver wire, chasing hammer, steel block, pens for wrapping wire around (to make rings), pliers, wire cutter, bulk chain, & bare bracelets ready for buttons.

Now you can see that you don't need a huge, nice place to create quality work. You just need your basics & some creativity, although, lots of practice helps as well! :)

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Natasha Designs said...

Great start. I love the music. Thanks for leaving a comment. I added your blog to my etsyer blog roll. CHeck it out. Thanks